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About The Black Dog Hostel

Unknown to many, Hungary is one great place to add to your bucket list. Specifically, Budapest offers some of the best tourist experience like you would never find in any other city. Well, apart from the what-to-do and see in Budapest, you always want to be sure of not only affordable but comfortable accommodation. If that is the problem that would hold you back from visiting Budapest then you came to the right place.

Black Dog Hostel is the perfect spot to spend your nights and enjoy the best Budapest has to offer. For starters, the hostel is located downtown side of the city. Here you can enjoy the silent and ambience of this city. You are sheltered from the bustle and hustle of the city; two things you would need in a fulfilling holiday.

The hostel only takes 18 guests at one time. The place is never crowded and you can be sure to know almost every other guest. There are private bedrooms for those who would not lose their privacy. These are self-contained accommodation and the perfect option if you are looking to have some quiet time during your stay. If you do not care much about interacting with other guests, you can opt for dorm option. Here you will share facilities with other guest and get to know them better.

Added to your list of facilities you will have access to a kitchen and a hall. If you intend to prepare your own meals, you have all you need to make sumptuous meals. This will help you cut down your expenses and use the savings for other fun activities. When you need a place to wind down after a busy day seeing what makes Budapest a top tourist destination, the spacious hall is more than welcome to give just that. Here you can access free Wi-Fi and get in touch with those back at home.

To keep the crowd strictly adult, children and those under 18 years are not allowed. This is to make sure that guests will not be shy to get down to their element from the fear of offending under age guests. To make sure that no one with allergy may find any inconvenience boarding here, pets are not allowed here.If you happen to be in Budapest, Black Dog Hostel should be your top choice when it comes to your accommodation. You get all you need to feel comfortable and you do not pay an arm and leg to stay here.


Disclaimer: This is not the official website of the accomodation.